Our team

Jon Hutchings

Editorial Director

Having begun his career in 1988 at Ellis Horwood Limited, a leading independent scientific publisher, Jon went on to work for a variety of publishers, from John Wiley to Fernhurst Books, in roles ranging from editorial to sales and marketing. He subsequently established two publishing companies, Otter Publications in 1994 and Corpus Publishing in 2000, before founding Lotus Publishing with best-selling author, Chris Jarmey, in 2003.

Amy Weinberger

Marketing and Media

Amy has worked in media and communications for over twenty years, starting out as a producer/presenter at British Forces Broadcasting Service before spending the largest part of her career working at Executive level at Channel Four Television where she held responsibilities across marketing, press and publicity, strategy and event management.

Believing we all have different strings to our bow Amy went on to train as a physical therapist in 2010, initially volunteering in London hospitals before building her own private practice which she now runs in Sussex. Amy’s role with Lotus is the perfect combination of her love for both media and health and wellbeing!

Our trusted partners

We are extremely lucky to work with a team of third-party partners who help us create our books. Without them, this would not be possible! In no particular order:


Amanda Williams

Registered Medical Illustrator, Member of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain

We’ve been using Amanda for pretty much all of our anatomical illustrations since 2000. She is super easy to work with, always delivers extremely accurate illustrations, and often meets with authors to discuss their sometimes complicated and challenging requests.

Emily Evans

BSc, PGCE, MMAA, Anatomist, Medical Artist, Author and Publisher

Talented creative Emily not only produces incredible artwork, but has also taught anatomy at Cambridge University, as well as running her on-line shop, Anatomy Boutique. Full of ideas, she has boundless energy, and is a spark for many a creative discussion.


Replika Press, Pvt Ltd.

One of India’s leading print service providers, Replika are our go-to printer, producing high quality books, whether paperback or hardback. All of our books are now sewn, ensuring the durability of the binding, allowing them to be heavily used, time and again.

UK Bookshop and Special Sales

Chris Moody

Bang the Drum Publishing Sales Agency

Tel.: 07398 159745
Email: chris@bangthedrumpublishing.com

Chris is responsible for sales planning and strategy, market planning, forecasting and budgeting, customer relationships, list building and product development, identifying commercial opportunities. He does a great job!

Our new titles

Page Layout & Graphic Design

Medlar Publishing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

So simple to work with, Sundar and his team work with precision and speed to enable us to transform a manuscript into a print-ready PDF.


Stephen D. Brierley

Lichfield, England, Advanced Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

This man is incredible! He manages to turn every manuscript we give to him into a readable work, seemingly expert in any subject, ranging from yoga to muscles.

Cover Design

Jim Wilkie

J & R Press, Guildford

I’ve known Jim for 30 years when we were the young lads at Ellis Horwood. He now runs his own successful niche publishing company, alongside finishing off our cover designs and producing the print-ready PDF.

FE and HE College / Campus Representation

Simon Skinner

PR Education

Tel.: 07494 551365
Email: simon.skinner@preducation.co.uk

Simon has many years’ experience in the trade, latterly at Nielsen Book as Sales Director. Prior to that Simon worked for a publisher, a wholesaler and in a bookshop so has good experience of the book trade. If you are a college or university and would appreciate a visit by Simon to discuss our books, please contact Simon.

Our college titles