Hatha Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners

Hatha Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners

A Comprehensive Guide


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Hatha Yoga for Teachers and Practitioners is a must-read if you want to derive maximum benefits from your yoga practice. Starting from the traditional approach to yoga, you will discover how yoga poses affect the internal body and how systematic yoga practice can increase your holistic health and wellbeing. You will also understand the medically-proven benefits of yoga and you will learn the ancient principles of sequencing asanas according to their corresponding chakras (energy centres). Renowned yoga teacher trainers, Ram Jain and Kalyani Hauswirth-Jain describe how to create safe, fulfilling, and holistic Hatha Yoga practices for different levels, themes, and goals. Within these pages, Ram and Kalyani provide you with practical descriptions of over 200 asanas, with their respective instructions, alignment cues, contraindications, and modifications – which will bring your yoga classes and practice to a whole new level.