You’ve Got The Power

You’ve Got The Power

A Six-Week Hero's Journey to Increased Confidence and Happiness


An inspiring six-week hero’s journey for children.

This book is packed with superpowers to help young people manage stress and anxiety and feel happier and more confident, in daily life. Practical use of day-by-day power practices in journaling, mindfulness and resilience, along with happiness strategies to transform just about anything they want to. Kids face so many challenges these days and when times are difficult, they need a reminder that they can draw upon their inner powers of courage, mindfulness and compassion to help them. You’ve Got the Power shows them how to:

  1. get a mindset to help them achieve their goals
  2. challenge their thinking and release anxiety
  3. be open to trying new adventures
  4. grow in resilience and well-being

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240 x 170 mm

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Author biography

Paula Pluck reveals the keys to happiness and freedom by helping people discover their innate powers to create well-being in their life. She founded SMARTfoundations, Institute of Mindful Well-being in 2010 and has trained hundreds of teachers to share with their students and clients that greatness starts within. She is passionate about sharing we have infinite potential and that the right heart and mindset can help you achieve not only your dreams, but true contentment in life.