The Journey Back to Self

The Journey Back to Self

A Road Map of Discovery


Have all your tomorrows become a copy and paste of all your yesterdays? Then perhaps it’s time for you to embark on a journey back to self.

Allow accomplished life coach, NLP practitioner and counselling psychologist, Darren Timms to be your friendly guide and show you how to release yourself from your everyday dilemmas, while move freely into enjoying today, allowing you to relish a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Drawing on lessons learned from his own experiences, coupled with knowledge of advanced NLP, timeline psychology and psychoanalysis, Darren’s fresh approach to unravelling the negatives and discovering the positives in life, illuminates the route to happiness.

On the way, you’ll discover how to replace dysfunctional routine patterns with fresh new rituals that have positive outcomes. You’ll swap erroneous beliefs, false perceptions and unrealistic expectations for actions that reignite your passion and zest for living each day to the full.

Darren supports each step of your journey back to self with techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation and many more to control the ‘traffic’ you are going to encounter along the way.

It takes time, rethinking and patience to get there, but Darren shows you how to break down the self-imposed barriers that have prevented you from becoming your most fabulous version and how to care for your physical, mental and spiritual health.

En route to rediscovering your self-worth, happiness, success and love, Darren delves into the programs of the unconscious mind to eliminate negative stories and limiting beliefs, as he teaches you to be accountable and responsible for every action and arising consequence.

Setting off on an adventure of self-discovery, exploring your inner being and releasing your full potential is bound to be the most glorious adventure of your life.

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Darren Timms is a qualified life coach, NLP practitioner and therapist living in Dubai with over 10 years of practical experience.