The Art of Coming Home

The Art of Coming Home

Common sense self-development exercises to educate, inspire and empower you


Due May 2020

Does it sometimes feel hard to express all of who you are in the way that feels right?

We all feel the power of the unrealised potential we are holding within – but bringing it into the world can be hard.

Everything we need is inside us and ready to go. Creativity, strength, love, insight and much more – we just need to be able to get to it.

In this accessible and occasionally funny guide, you will learn how to:

  • feel and work through your emotions
  • increase your self-love and self-esteem
  • strengthen your bond with your body
  • develop your thinking
  • explore your spirituality
  • explore the parts of your self that may have sat gathering dust at the back of your personality cupboard for many years.

Using the shedload of information and tools in this book, you can learn to become the only guru you will ever need, bringing all your great gifts out into the world. We could really use them.

Now is the perfect time.

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Author biography

Suzanne Wylde is an alternative therapist, stretching trainer and author who has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, healing, bodywork, self-development and resistance stretching.

She has been on her own self-development journey for over 20 years learning from a wide range of teachers and traditions and for over a decade she has worked with clients supporting them on their own unique journeys. Over time she has developed a way of working with people in a way that is holistic, person-centred and transformative.

Suzanne has been featured in national newspapers and magazines including; The Times, The Guardian, Psychologies, Elle, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard and Tatler.