Pain-Free Horse Riding

Pain-Free Horse Riding


There are plenty of books about exercises for riders to increase their strength and flexibility and improve their riding. There are also plenty of books about pain and how to help it. This is the first book to join the two, speaking the language of both rider and pain sufferer, and acknowledges the necessity of continuing to care for your horse, even when one of your legs has gone numb and you can’t stand up straight.

Whether you are a professional competitor or someone who has just bought their first horse to love, the information and advice in this book is equally relevant. Pain is not discriminatory and so this book should literally be read by anybody who is involved with riding or caring for horses in any way. The flow of the book does allow for the reader to start at the beginning and read it all the way through. However, it is also assuming that most readers will be very busy and just want to find out about how to help their particular issue. So they will be able to easily go straight to the section that they are looking for. There are also cross-references throughout the book to direct the reader on where to find out more information if they would like to.

“Nikki’s treatment has really changed my life. The advice that she gives in this book will help you to work with your body and to enjoy riding your horse without pain.”
Sarah, Duchess of York

“Giving you all the information you need to keep yourself pain free, this book is a must-have for horse riders of all disciplines.”
Laura Renwick, Team GB show jumper

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Nikki Robinson qualified as a physical therapist from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy, Birmingham in 1993 and founded her award-winning Therapy Practice, Holisticare, in 2006. She has specialised in Myofascial Release treatment since 2006 and has trained in both the UK and US with John Barnes.