Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti

The Whole-Body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation


Diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles, is a symptom of a whole-body problem. Your abdominal muscles bend, twist, and support the spine. They contract and release to help you breathe, cough, talk, and sing. They stretch to accommodate pregnancy, haul your lower body towards your upper, and protect your abdominal organs. They should not be splitting down the middle.

In this book, biomechanist Katy Bowman explains the larger picture when it comes to DR including:

  • body alignment;
  • frequency of movement;
  • the effects of all-day forces, like intra-abdominal pressure;
  • and why a few exercises simply aren’t enough for long-term success. You need to learn a new way to move for an improved set of core muscles.

Because the abdominals are connected directly and indirectly to every other part of the body, this book lays out a whole-body corrective program to address the factors that overloaded the core in the first place.With over 30 exercises and habit modifications, this book is for any man or woman experiencing abdominal separation or weakness and wanting to improve both the appearance and the function of their abdomen.

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With radical, science-based health directives, Katy Bowman is taking the health-and-wellness world by storm with her bold exercise is not movement platform. A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, she has helped thousands reduce chronic pain, increase bone density, and improve metabolic health through movement and proper alignment. In addition to writing for her award-winning blog KatySays.com, she is a regular source for US health publications like Prevention and Men’s Health.