Pre-order ‘The Vital Nerves – A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists’

July 28, 2020 |

Exciting news – John Gibbons’ latest book, ‘The Vital Nerves – A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists’ is currently at the printers, and you can now preorder your copy!

Do you know how to safely and effectively proceed when faced with clients displaying neurological symptoms? 

  • A patient presents to your clinic with tingling and numbness in their arm and hand. Are you able to confidently assess this patient to differentiate between underlying causes such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a cervical disc protrusion, thoracic outlet syndrome or possibly diabetes? You also notice that their fingers are cold and pale – why would this observation be critical? 
  • Do you understand how the phrenic nerve’s connection between the digestive system and the shoulder means your patient’s shoulder pain may in fact be nothing to do with their shoulder at all?
  • How can asking your patient to walk on their toes or their heels help determine the level at which they may have lumbar disc pathology? 
  • Are you aware of the implications of specific nerve damage that can occur with shoulder injuries? 
  • Which nerve is most vulnerable to damage in cyclists?
  • Do you understand the mechanism and prognosis for vertebral disc healing and nerve regeneration? 

Welcome to the fascinating world of The Vital Nerves’– an area which John Gibbons describes as one of the most fundamental, even exhilarating, components of physical therapy relevant to any good practice. While many therapists are daunted by this subject, Gibbons has made it a modus operandi of his writing and lecturing style to take complex subjects and make them succinct and accessible. The theoretical and practical information contained in his new book, ‘The Vital Nerves – A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists’ make it an invaluable resource that will likely inform some of the most important cases you will ever see, and set you head and shoulders above many other therapists. 

Read a sample of ‘The Viral Nerves’

If you would like to sample a chapter from the book, ahead of its release date, please click the link below. We hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 3: Anatomy and Function of the Cervical and Brachial Plexuses

You can also now preorder a copy of the book either from Amazon, or if you would like a personally signed copy from The Bodymaster himself, you can order directly from his website. There are also a number of special limited-edition hardcover books available.


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