Self-Care, the Covid Virus and catching compassion in tough times…

April 21, 2020 |

We are hardwired to create community, to reach out, hug, laugh and be together.  Now that we have to be physically apart, it’s stressful.  We are hardwired for survival too and whilst we need to be alert to the dangers; it’s imperative for our well-being to have our sense of community, connection and kindness in all we do.  A good heart is a must in times like this.  

We all know mindfulness helps manage stress, but it’s hard to remember when our head is buzzing with so many questions.  Will my parents be okay? What about my children?  Is there enough food? How can I financially ride this storm?  Day by day our anxiety levels will be changing with increased nervousness, worry and of course the fear of the unknown.  We can’t fight with reality, but we can respond with more kindness.  Let’s support and help each other in these challenging times, because without a doubt it will make everyone feel better. 

In the spirit of catching increased compassion I’ve joined up with (CONTACT) to offer you a free Mindful Stress Management 21day programme.  Sign up  It includes guidance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. You will get an email every three days with coaching practices to help you reduce stress and balance ourselves and release anxiety. 

Especially for Your Kids 

With schools being closed we need to give our kids structure. Kids without structure can get more anxious, nervous and restless, our challenge is to give them daily routine at home.  Kids face so many challenges these days and when times are difficult, they need a reminder that they can draw upon their inner powers of courage, mindfulness and compassion to help them. You’ve Got The Power shows young people how to manage stress and anxiety and feel happier and more confident, in daily life.  It’s a 42 day-by-day interactive and fun set of practices in journaling, mindfulness confidence building and resilience strategies to transform their mindset. A ready-made well-being resource to support them now. 


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