From our home to yours… A COVID-19 update from Lotus Publishing

March 30, 2020 |

We have all seen our lives become more like the script of a movie over the past few weeks. This pandemic is truly democratic in its reach in a way we have never experienced; regardless of culture, geography, or financial circumstance, none of us is immune to the situation we find ourselves in.

Yet while our physical worlds have become smaller, communities are ablaze with human spirit. Our collective desire to support each other and maintain meaningful connection is showing us what really matters the most. Someone in Australia posted on a Facebook page in Brighton that their elderly mother was in need of shopping and within minutes there were tens of people offering help. 400,000 people signed up to volunteer their time to the NHS on the very first day the ‘NHS Army’ drive was announced. The National Theatre is streaming its plays online for free, you can tour the British Museum online, and Andrew Lloyd Webber is taking requests every morning at his piano. And collective rooftop aerobics has shown us there is always a way to exercise!

In these challenging times we at Lotus Publishing very much want to contribute in ways that we are able to, too. We know that you will have had conferences and workshops cancelled, and that most practitioners will have had to suspend their businesses during this time.

While in our normal busy lives time is often scarce, we now have an opportunity for added learning and Lotus will be sharing resources with you to educate and entertain. We will be regularly posting short videos to our YouTube channel,, and updating our blog with posts from our authors which we hope will be of use to you. We will also be unlocking excerpts from some of our books, and sharing these for free. There’ll be lots of lively content, so keep checking back!

If there is anything in particular you would like to see, hear, read – please do let us know. Our slate currently consists of 59 books covering physical therapy, sports and fitness, anatomy, self-help and more – so whether you are interested in aromatherapy, reflexology, running injuries, vegan cookery or are looking to sharpen up your anatomical knowledge, we are here to support your learning and help you improve your skills.

Stay safe, keep in touch and take care of each other.

With warmest wishes from all at Lotus Publishing.


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