High Performance Living by Ru Anderson with Jack Lovett

February 6, 2016 |
High Performance Living

The Complete Lifestyle Book with Healthy Recipes and Strength Training Program.
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[bs_col class=”col-sm-7″]When I first saw this book, my initial thoughts were “another gruelling training regimen for your best body yet”. Upon further inspection however, I was relieved to see that Ru Anderson’s book is more than training. In fact, the 12 week training program is just a small part of the book, and the amount of time you spend exercising is fairly minimal! Making it perfect for those who are a little time-shy (who isn’t these days) or who don’t live to work out![/bs_col]

Part 1 reveals the 10 essential cornerstones of the High Performance Living plan:

  1. Listen To Your Body – something I am always telling people to do – whether it’s training or diet, I am always surprised how many people don’t pay attention and check in with their bodies on a daily basis. I suppose I am more in tune with myself than others due to my regular yoga practice.
  2. You Are What You Eat – this brings home the idea of eating whole foods and nothing processed, something I follow (at least in the 80:20 sense of following!)
  3. Protein is Power
  4. Fat Is Essential
  5. The Fuel of Life: Carbs
  6. Maximising Your Micros (nutrients)

It’s great that no food is made the enemy – no high- or low- diets – just healthy eating, the way it should be. I was half-expecting a low carb element to feature but as Ru says in the book “I rarely use low-carb diet plans with my clients, with the majority of females eating in the moderate-carb bracket and most guys in the high-carb diet.”

Having used Atkin’s, 5:2, and 8 Hour Diet in the past this was a very refreshing approach to food and nutrition.

  1. Water is Life

I am very good at keeping hydrated, with either water or herbal teas, and really do feel the difference if I am not adequately watered, so this element of the book came as no surprise to me.

  1. The Power of Sleep

Cohabiting with an insomniac, and as someone who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat,  I know the power and importance of sleep. If I am sleep-starved then my performance is really not up to par the next day. There is a brilliant Circadian Clock diagram in the book, and the sleep stages are all well-explained.

  1. The Silent Physique Killer : Stress

This is an excellently written chapter, insightful for those who don’t know all that much about just how much our modern lifestyles, and the stress that comes with it, can affect our bodies.

  1. All About Digestion

Again lots of interesting information about mindful eating, food allergies and intolerances and how to find the problem.

Part Two of the book helps you work out your optimum nutrition plan, not only how much you should be eating but the proportions of protein to fat to carbohydrates. The section also covers how often to eat, at what times, how your meals should tie in with your training sessions and what happens in your body when you eat and when you train. This part was very interesting for me, and was written in a clear, concise and easy to understand way! Ru also covers supplements, highlighting the ones you might wish to consider taking.

Part Three is home to some really tasty recipes, and they are not diet recipes that are restrictive or limiting – they are meals made with real foods; wholesome, hearty and healthy. I’ve become rather partial to the Moroccan Meatballs (although we do add some more spices for authenticity!), Courgette Pizza Crust (simple but oh-so clever!) and Orange Chocolate Souffle (who said you have to suffer?!)

The final part is the 12 Week Training Program, which was devised with Jack Lovett, a strength and conditioning specialist. He works with athletes and individuals of all levels and disciplines to maximise athletic performance. This part of the book is written so well, very clear instructions and explanations as to why the various elements of the workouts are included.

Our team at Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty is going to be undertaking the 12 Week Program. Me (yoga bunny and off season softballer),Burkay (gym nut), and Laura (a fellow yoga bunny) are going to be incorporating this program into our lives and writing a weekly update. Follow this at http://www.rebeccagoodyear.com/news/ from February 22nd.


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