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Books for medical professionals and unqualified individuals alike

Since 2003, Lotus Publishing has specialised in beautifully produced, illustrated books, which represent a fresh, eclectic take on physical therapy, anatomy, health & fitness, sports injuries, strength & conditioning, complementary therapies and self-help. Our aim is to stay true to our founding principles; to produce books that educate, maintain high production values with an authoritative content for healthcare professionals and unqualified individuals alike.

The company has a well-established international presence through our US-based co-publisher North Atlantic Books with physical distribution throughout North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa by Random House.

Still run by its founder, Jonathan Hutchings, we are a small press based in West Sussex. We release around ten carefully considered titles each year. If you would like further information or believe you have a title which would complement those already published by Lotus Publishing, please contact jon@lotuspublishing.co.uk.

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