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Since 2003, Lotus Publishing has been creating high quality, illustrated books, for the student/early practitioner of physical therapy, anatomy, strength and conditioning and health & fitness. A body of work, for the body that works!

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Lotus Publishing on US TV!

Lotus Publishing on US TV!

Good Morning San Diego, Channel 9 Morning News, on 15th March, featured Injury-Free Running by Thomas Michaud as part of its offer to viewers, hosted by Bruce Pechman, known affectionately as Americas Best-Built Technology & Fitness Television Personality. See the...

Shoulder Impingement: Two little words which cause so many problems

John Gibbons, BSc (OST) – The ‘Bodymaster’ Shoulder impingement – or subacromial impingement as it is sometimes referred to – is caused by a compression of structures located within the subacromial space (rotator cuff, long head of biceps and subacromial bursa) and...

Kinesiology Taping: Where is the Evidence?

Kinesiology taping has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, most notably since the 2008 Beijing Olympics where it adorned athletes everywhere from the diving board to the track and hurtling around the velodrome. Bulging quadriceps with brightly coloured...